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    In order to maintain our global leadership, we can never be satisfied with less than the very best when it comes to car interiors. Our goal is to work in collaboration with you as a partner to find optimal solutions that enhance the value of your cars, ensuring that they correspond to the specific needs and requirements of the end users.

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    When designing and manufacturing furniture, there are certain key elements that are critical; factors such as design, functionality and choice of materials. We and our clients recognise that Elmo's leather adds value that is unparalleled, in terms of quality and comfort.

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    Air transport places high demands on the interior of aircraft cabins. That the leather should be durable, fireproof and lightweight, are just some of the demands, and to achieve them, we at Elmo have developed the Endurance collection.

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    If you would like to offer your customers a unique experience on their trip, whether for short or long journeys, Elmo is a partner you can rely on. The soft feel of our technical leather combined with its natural look and tough, resistant surface enable you to live up to the demands your customers place on the interior when travelling.

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    If you would like all your passengers to experience the feel of soft, naturally beautiful leather when travelling, Elmo is an ideal partner for you. Elmo’s semi-aniline leather is specially adapted to meet the highest standards regarding fire safety and durability in the demanding environment at sea. At the same time as it is durable, this leather is resistant to dirt and quick and easy to clean.

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    Sales offices also located in New Jersey, USA and in Hong Kong.


    Latest News

    Latest News

      Elmo at Stockholm Furniture Fair 5-9 February 2013

      DatePublished: 11/28/2012

    • Please visit us at Stockholm Furniture Fair 5-9 February 2013 Hall A 20:10...



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